Danny Trevanion
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Danny in Season 1
Vital statistics
Name Danny Trevanion
Gender Male
Years 2006 - Present
Residence Leopard's Den
Spouse Miranda Trevanion (Deceased (Unknown)), Sarah Adams (Deceased (Series 1-3)
Children Rosie Gifthold, Evan Trevanion (stepson), Olivia Trevanion (stepdaughter)
Occupation Vet
Portrayed By Stephen Tompkinson

Danny Trevanion is a British vet and the primary character of the series. Originally from Bristol, after he goes on a trip to Africa with his family, he decides to stay on an old farm called Leopard's Den and set up a game reserve and animal hospital. He is portrayed by Stephen Tompkinson.


Originally from England, Danny was married to Miranda Trevanion and they had daughter, Rosie, however some time before the series began, Miranda passed away. Several years after Miranda's death, Danny married Sarah Adams and gained two stepchildren Evan and Olivia. The family lived together in Bristol where Danny worked as a vet. However after a monkey is brought in by one of Danny's clients, Danny and Sarah decides to take the family out to Africa to release the monkey into the wild as a holiday to bring the family together.

Upon arriving in Africa, the family stays at old cattle farm called Leopard's Den, run by the raging alcoholic Anders Du Plessis and his friend Nomsa Xaba. After several unfortunate accidents including Olivia being bitten by a snake and Evan sneaking away in the night with a gun. Sarah began to regret the decision to come but Danny wished to stay in Africa. After some convincing, the family decide to stay in Africa with Du Plessis and turn Leopard's Den into a game park.