Max Gifthold, born to Henry and Beth Gifthold, left his home of Cape Town to set up his own bar near Johannesburg after falling out with his family. He took over and renamed Max's Bar 'n' Grill in 2007 in the town of Lowveld. It was here that he met Rosie Trevanion, the daughter of local English vet Danny Trevanion when she stumbled into his bar after returning from University in England.

Their relationship developed and they intended to get married in 2008 but a bushfire interupted the ceremony and also caused the death of Rosie's step-mother. In 2009 Max and Rosie announced that they were expecting their first child, they eventually got married but Rosie lost the baby a short while after .

Following from this they decided to move to Cape Town so Rosie could study to become a vet, Max sold his bar to a friend and is now managing one of his fathers bars.