Rosie Trevanion was raised by her father Danny Trevanion, a vet after her mother Miranda died of Cancer when she was a young girl. Danny and Rosie moved to Bristol and remained there until they decided to relocate to South Africa with Danny's new wife Sarah and her children in 2006. Rosie failed to settle into her new life living on a game reserve Leopards Den, though she began a relationship with a local man named Themba and started working in the local bar she still returned to the UK to go to University in Bristol.

Rosie dropped out of university after the first term and returned to South Africa beginning to work as a ranger for Leopards Den and then the rival game park, Mara as well as helping her father with the veternary side of Leopards Den. She also met Max Gifthold, the new owner of the local bar and despite his relationship with Thandi (the housemaid's daughter), they soon realised they were developing feelings for each other. Rosie took on a more prominent role as Danny's assistant and began a relationship with Max as he broke up with Thandi, both advances of which came with their difficulties.

Rosie and Max got engaged in 2008 and mid-way through their wedding a bush fire broke out eventually resulting in the death of her step mother. Though she originally declined her interview at University in Johannesburg to begin her Veternairy training, she decided to go through with it and was subsequently offered a place on the course. Once again she declined in order to support her father.

In 2009 Rosie and Max realised they were expecting a baby and eventually they got married in a small ceremony by the waterhole, the following day Rosie suffered a miscarriage. In the end they decided to relocate to Cape Town so Rosie could begin her veterinary degree at university there.

Upon qualifying, Rosie decided to return to Leopards Den in 2012.