The series begins 12 months after the fire and features Danny battling for custody over Evan, yet losing. However, Evan returns to the game reserve. Meanwhile Caroline has returned to England, so her sister Georgina comes to stay, yet fails to make friends with Du Plessis, revealing to him that Caroline doesn't love him anymore and will not be returning to Africa. Rosie marries Max but suffers a miscarriage; she leaves with Max to study veterinary medicine in Cape Town. In the penultimate episodes, a storm hits Leopard's Den and Alice, the vet that has joined Danny's practice, seeks help for an injured Danny whilst the others try to find her daughter Charlotte among the rubble of the old hut. Danny and Alice finally admit their love for each other in a passionate embrace, starting a romantic relationship. Though Caroline returns in the final episode, it remains unclear whether she'll stay.

Episode Guide Edit

Episode Number Summary Airdate Audience
1 Twelve months have passed since the fire at Leopard's Den, which destroyed the animal hospital and made Danny a widower. Now Danny faces further problems when the courts decide on whether or not he should have total custody of Evan. Meanwhile, Rosie is interviewed for vet school and Du Plessie takes matters into his own hands to save a baby elephant.
2 A sick hippo on the run is found by Danny and Evan. Rosie meets the new owner of Mara, who needs help with a lioness which needs treating. Fatani is offered a job by Georgina. De Lange decides to fund Leopard's Den.
3 An outbreak of rabies at Mara with Vanessa fearing for the animals. After being asked to bring the outbreak under control Danny clashes with the new vet Alice. A surprise party is thrown for Evan, celebrating his return to Leopard's Den. Elephant calf Tula warms to Charlotte, surprising Rosie.
4 Rosie gets injured by an elephant, as she finally gets married to Max. However the injury holds bad news for the couple. Caroline decides to stay in England, devastating Du Plessis, he then finds out sister Georgina was the one convincing her not to return. Fatani is about to tell Vanessa how he feels towards her, however realises she's after Danny. Alice has a risky decision to make to rescue a elephant calf.
5 After their honeymoon Du Plessie notices a rift forming between Rosie and Max, so he decides to help settle their differences. A vicious wild dog is captured by a farmer. The expert called out to find the pack of wild dogs is Alice's ex-partner. Alice now had to decide between giving her relationship with him another chance, or stay with Danny at Leopard's Den.
6 The residents of Leopard's Den are devastated when Du Plessis announces he is going to England to live with Caroline. This is especially devastating for Danny because his friend's flight leaves the following day. Fatani buys a lion which refuses to come out of it's cage. When Rosie investigates she discovers a case of negligence by the lion's former owner. She vows to do whatever it takes to save the man's other animals.
7 Guests arrive at Leopard's Den to see Du Plessis in action as he is hailed as South Africa's answer to Crocodile Dundee. However publicity is the last thing on the minds of the family as Jana the pet cheetah runs away from a stunt and gets injured in an accident. Meanwhile, a man claims he is the owner of a lion, and demands Danny hand it back - or he will report the injuries to Jana to the authorities.
8 Leopard's Den's residents go to an auction to purchase a giraffe after lions kill their own. However when Danny and Alice argue over a suitable replacement Danny falls into the arms of Vanessa. Meanwhile, a storm is approaching Leopard's Den, so for safety reasons the family have to release some of the animals. When the storm hits, Charlotte and Danny come off the worst.
9 Following the aftermath of the storm Rowan takes charge of the situation, with the residents trying to free Charlotte from the rubble and rescue Danny, who Alice has left behind while she goes for help. Using a helicopter Vanessa and Rowan eventually find Danny in the Bush, lying unconscious, who is then taken back to Leopard's Den. The following morning Alice prepares to go home, packing her bags, until a kiss from Danny might change her mind.
10 Danny and Alice try to keep their relationship under wraps. However there are more pressing problems when Alice is attacked by a lioness, one of several loose animals after the storm. Meanwhile, the relationship between Leopard's Den and Mara reaches a crisis point when Vanessa refuses to supply drugs to be used to help elephant calf Tula, who is dying. DuPlessis is thrilled when Caroline returns for the party.