The Trevanion family (Danny, his daughter Rosie, second wife Sarah, and her children Evan and Olivia.) live in Bristol. Everything changes drastically for them when an abandoned monkey is brought into Danny's surgery, and his wife Sarah suggests the family go on holiday to Africa and release the monkey, with the aim of bringing the family closer together. Anders Du Plessis encourages the family to sell their home, and buy the former cattle ranch, Leopard's Den. The family (except Rosie) settle into life in the bush and work their hardest to start up a Game Park. They are faced with plenty of challenges along the way including lethal snake bites, a deadly strain of Anthrax, darting lionesses, missing children, uninvited guests turning up, and a rival Game park, Mara, run by Alex Tate.

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Series One aired in the U.K. in january - March 2006.

The average audience was 9.67 million viewers.